It’s all fun & games until someone loses a computer …

So, the computer isn’t even the issue. Yes, it has a high price tag and I would like to not have had to buy the same computer twice … but at least it is replaceable. Tommy and I had taken 600 pictures on our road trip across the country. We had written journals that I don’t remember. We had rolled that passenger-side window up and down … a lot! Now it’s all gone.

Anyways, sorry to start off with a lament, but the journey, though incredible, was difficult. We saw amazing things like the Grand Canyon, Zion, Painted Desserts, The Petrified Forest, we spent a couple hundred dollars on gas, we sweat 5 lbs off each in Little Rock while trying to camp (and failing … not because we don’t know how to camp, but because we chose to leave and find the most miserable motel in Arkansas!), we feared for our sexual cleanliness while in said motel room. We scoffed at Graceland and how much of an amusement park it has been turned into (Elvis is probably over-rated anyway), we swam in Lake Powell and did other cool things too … I don’t remember them all now, but they were all documented very nicely with pictures, all secured on the computer. 

Why do people steal things? Is money that attractive? I guess it is … you can do a lot with money. I guess the better question is how should we respond when we are the victims? I told Tommy that if I could talk to the guy (or girl) who stole our stuff, I would tell him (or her) that he (or she) could keep all the stuff if only we could get the pictures and documents off the computer (and get my journals and bible out of the bag). Stuff is just stuff. And I don’t mean to sound like I’m some monk who has vanquished any need for material possessions … I am certainly not that. But for some reason, maybe it is just my current situation. Money is not an issue; not because I have tons of it by any means, but because I have no one to support, or even to think about supporting in the future.

My life is fully present here in California, and it needs to be that way … at least until I get all settled in to my new community and my new job. This was another difficulty of the trip … cutting the ties that would keep me mentally and emotionally in Atlanta. It is not that those things or people are bad or even that I don’t want them anymore, but that if I am to live one life, the aspects of another cannot consume it. And I know myself well enough to know that if I let some of those things or people remain in my life that they would consume me and keep me from focusing on students and loving the people here.

Its almost as if there was some intentionality in my stuff getting stolen … like a completing of the removal of my old life, so that my new life can emerge, unhindered the relics of the past.


~ by Will Norman on August 28, 2007.

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