If God is For Me …

I often sit in coffee houses for long periods of time … reading, writing, drinking coffee, thinking about how I will most likely fail at whatever I am thinking about doing, be it work, a relationship, music, anything and everything.  Coffee shops, while I love them, are not usually happy places for me.  I don’t know if that makes sense, but I’m sticking to it. 

This particular morning I was doing my usual trembling (half from too much caffeine and half from fear of my impending job) and while thinking of something cynical to say about the “typical Christian response” to this type of fear, I was struck by the truth of my sarcasm. 

The journal reads something like this: 

Shouldn’t I believe that God is for me, and that if God is for me, then who can be against me? 

Actually, that may be the first time I’ve even thought of that blessing … 

God is for me!  I really do believe that!  [I guess I just need] to be conscious of it; to be reminded of it; to know that God will succeed and that I am on His team.  That’s comforting. 

What a crazy thought … so seemingly central to what we, as Christians, believe in, and yet I had totally forgotten it. 

God is for me, so who can be against me? 

The beauty of this statement is in its power to set us free, as everything about our Father does in some way or another. 

Empowered by the truth that God is for us, we are freed up to live the real, good, abundant life that Jesus promises us knowing that He has done, and is doing the work necessary for the realization of that eternal life, or “life as it will be in eternity.”  We are freed up to fail, because our teammate won’t let us down, so we might as well lay it all out knowing that much of God’s work can be and will be carried out through His image-bearers, His ambassadors … us.  Not that we are responsible for the success of God’s work, but that in some way that only grace can explain, we get to take part in it … we get to play with God. 

We are on the same team as the creator of the universe and if we are fighting for the same things that He is fighting for, then we can’t lose.  We receive our purpose in this truth; our reason for existence: the ability to be with God in the midst of His good works. 

This is what it means to say that we have faith in God or in Jesus … not that we simply believe that He (they?) exists, but also that He has completed, and in some mysterious way is still in the process of completing the work of saving the whole world, restoring it to the kind of existence that was originally intended for it.  By choosing to play with God, we are allowing God’s work of restoration in the world to extend its gracious hand into our own lives as well, so that we, along with all of creation would have our lives molded and shaped into the life that God intended for us.   

If God is for us, who can be against us? 

This statement has had a significant impact on my pessimism, and I believe that God intended that for me.

Honor, glory and praise be to the God who makes possible and defines the life-eternal! Amen!


~ by Will Norman on September 10, 2007.

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