Starry Starry Night

I actually thought that I was looking down into the ocean … or some body of water.  What I later discovered was that the water was, in reality, a cloud that we had hiked through on the way to the top of Fresno Dome, and we were looking down on it from our new perspective. 

We had quite literally risen above the clouds, and upon breaking though the fog were brought into Vincent’s canvas. 

It was silent aside from the whisper of the winds as 26 of us lay down on the top of the mountain to stare into the cosmos, struck speechless in awe such a wonderful creation. 

Each one of us received a different voice from the beauty, but there was no question of the source from which the unspoken words formed in us. 

My message (or rather, the message which I received) was simple … “everything will be ok … I love you; I created your world and brought you into it.” 

There was no sense of clarity around how that may pan out in my life … I feel no closer to understanding what my life’s calling is than I was before the starry night … but I have rediscovered the peace that comes from trusting in my Father’s love; in His plan; His goodness, and in His victory. 

Peace is a friend I left when I graduated from college. We hadn’t spoken since I left … I missed her deeply.  She met me under the stars Saturday night. 

It’s a good feeling to be reunited with a friend who cares for you.  I sang out loud for no other reason than that I was inspired by the beauty of God’s sky … Don McLean’s “Vincent.”  I haven’t felt free to sing just because I wanted to since I can remember … at least not with other people around.  If you know me, you know that that’s a monumental moment. 

My friend will probably come and go … sometimes she will stay with me for a long time and other times I may just pass her by in the grocery store or drive by her on the road. 

But the sky is not going anywhere and it will always be beautiful and inspiring, even when filled with clouds.  I won’t always have the opportunity to climb above the clouds like we did the other night but I have seen a sight that won’t soon be forgotten, and the God who made that sky will continue to speak of my friend.  For she is His mission and He is her greatest advocate!

My prayer is that you would meet my friend; that you would know her well, and that you would join your Father and hers in advocating for her mission around this world.  Whenever you look up into the cosmos be reminded that she is on the move … even if she is not with you … and that you can partner with the Creator of the universe in His mission of Peace on Earth.


~ by Will Norman on October 15, 2007.

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