The Joys of Headache

I’m not actually writing this because I’m lonely … though sometimes I am … that was just a reference to the old Matchbox 20 song … 3am … you remember it, right?

Anyways, there really couldn’t be a worse week for this to happen.  It is currently 4:05 am and I’m sitting at my desk taking ibuprofen on top of my Tylenol cold and flu medicine trying to get rid of a splitting headache.  Possibly not the safest thing I have ever done, though I did look up the two drugs first and it seems to be ok.  I’ve got to finish working on a talk and putting together the rest of this week’s program tomorrow after our morning meeting … don’t really know when I’ll have time to pay off this sleep debt …

Do you ever pray that your headache will be cured?  I find myself in this situation somewhat regularly, and though there doesn’t seem to be much of a pattern, they almost always come at night when I could be sleeping … resting up for the important kingdom work of my day to day life … should I not be mocking that?  I’m sorry, I’m just in a bad mood now.

Think I’ll try to go back to sleep now.  If you are awake on the east coast at 7:20 am and happen to be reading my blog, I’d be quite surprised, but pray that God would miraculously intervene in my lower brain area and take away the pain devil.



~ by Will Norman on February 26, 2008.

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