From the Road #1

***When my computer was stolen, the journals and pictures from our trip were lost, presumedly forever.  But the joyous return of the stolen property was accompanied by the emotional discovery that not a single document had been deleted!  So here is what should have been posted 6 months ago.  I think it’s a little bit cooler now.***

I’m sitting at a picnic table in the dark sweating.  We got to Little Rock right around 8:30 central time.  Our campground is actually an RV park, so the little Tacoma looks likes a midget surrounded by all the mobile homes.  The mobile homes are filled with people who get to sleep inside and out of soggy air.  This causes me to covet … just a little bit.  The tent that Tommy and I will reside in is one of the two man tents that actually designed for guys who want to take girls camping and create unavoidable snuggling situations.  Tonight, however, even if I wanted to snuggle with my friend Tommy (which I most certainly do not!) I could not bear it for the heat.  I’ll be lucky if I sleep at all.

The drive was uneventful, but nice.  I’m thankful for my friend.  I would have no good pictures if not for his eye.  It’s kind of bittersweet being so close with Tommy; I get to see a beautiful mind, but at the same time realize how boring I am most of the time.  The hope is that his creativity, maybe just a little bit, would rub off on me.

Maybe creativity lives in California.

Or maybe it’s just different.  Maybe they will all think that I am creative … I doubt that though.

The reality of what I am doing has not set in yet.  I can say “I’m moving” but it still feels like I’ll get to Menlo Park, stay for a week or so, and come home.  Instead, it will become my home; this is new to me.

In Atlanta I’ve left a family, school, church, friends, familiarity, a beautiful girl … and lots of books and clothes.  I have so much more than I need!

On a certain level all of this makes me very sad.  I love those people and the feeling of home.  At the same time, the road ahead of me is my destiny, if there is such a thing … and that’s exciting.

Tommy and I listened to the Alchemist during the drive today and it was amazing how much related to my current situation.  The idea that pursuing “my personal legend” will be the most painful thing for my heart, and yet the only way to really live as God intended me to afforded me a hope that I had not previously held.  That the woman of the dessert sends her man off because she knows that he must go in order to be the man he is supposed to be doesn’t keep her tears away when he actually leaves.

The novel is incredibly spiritual in nature, but incorporates beautiful things from a number of different religions; I love this.

Tomorrow we head out for Albuquerque.  My hope is that I can find our friend Carter’s phone number before we arrive so that we don’t have to camp in this hellish temperature again.

I love all of you more for reading my blog! 

~ by Will Norman on March 1, 2008.

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