From the Road #3 – by Tommy Flynn

Journal entry numero uno.  Written by Thomas James Flynn on this the fourteenth day of the eighth month of the year of our lord two thousand and seven at six forty one in the morning.  

The road ahead of us sinks into a large valley then gradually rises nearly to the horizon on the other side.  To my right religiously shaped telephone poles string jumping wires across the passenger window.  Flagstaff, three hundred six miles.  Speed limit, seventy five miles per hour.  Independent dark green shrubs freckle the yellow-green valley floor.  Cows are grazing mindlessly over the terrain with no destination.  We have a destination, California.  But we are similar to the simple beasts that live in this valley in that all we can do is make the best of what we are.  Out of the valley now, wide open plains turn the sky into an overwhelming and impassible sight.  There is nothing within sight that protrudes form the earth into the sky’s territory.  This part of the world belongs to the sky.  Even the mountains obey the heaven’s reign and stop growing at a particular and uniform height to create a plethora of giant tables.  Now the sun has just risen above the walls of the valley behind us and gives every part of this land four times its worth in shadow as if to say, “today is a new day, come and meet your great potential.”  Flagstaff, two hundred and ninety eight miles.  Billboard, two dollar blackjack, exit one hundred eight.  We have filled the past two days with driving yet every moment spent seems to have had a very real and infinite meaning.  This is the journey, the journey is the gift.  Our journey has carried us half way across he country, yet this moment is the most important because it is now.  The train tracks just left our side to head off toward the distant mountains.  Along the track the telephone wires are being carried by significantly shorter poles.  A bump, a bridge, a stream, a bump.  Will just roled down the window because he farted.  That is mighty thoughtful of him.  The scenery was very flat and bland until we reached the middle of New Mexico.  The license plates in this part are mostly designed with vertical and horizontal gradients of yellow, orange, and white.  Today we will cross into Arizona and eventually reach the Grand Canyon.  I have never seen the Grand Canyon.  This is a wonderful trip.  I am done writing for now.

Quotes: “Fight the pumpkin.” “You were a significant bug.” “You look good, waffle.”  


~ by Will Norman on March 1, 2008.

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