“Did I Scare Her Away?”

needleI began to gain consciousness, but very slowly.  I knew that I was awake, but was unable to open my eyes … or, if they were opened, my image of the world in front of me was heavily distorted and spinning.  On top of all of this, I was incredibly uncomfortable physically and didn’t seem to be able to do anything about it.

As I gained more and more of a sense for what was going on, I realized that my back was bent over a table like I was doing the limbo, my arm was twisted in some unrepeatable fashion, and my head was only being held up by the wall that it was wedged against.

And then it began to make sense … horrifying sense!  I must have passed out in the Dr.’s Office!  There were nurses looking down at me … there must have been hundreds of them!  How embarrassing!

I’d never done that before, so I racked my brain quickly to recall what had happened and it all came rushing back.

I was in the waiting room of my new Dr.’s office doing just what that room was created for when I heard my name called out.  When I looked up, I was halfway surprised to see a good friend of mine as the body behind the voice.  Ali is a nursing student who works for her dad’s practice and happened to be on the job the same day that I was going to get a physical for the first time in years … possibly my first physical as an adult, but we can argue the definitive age at which one becomes an adult some other time.

So Ali and I walked back to the examination room and got the easy stuff taken care of … blood pressure, temperature etc.  Then another lady came in and did the more personal part of the physical, and then Ali came back in to finish everything up … that meant EKG, something else, and blood work.

Now … I know that I do not do incredibly well with needles … I got light-headed and spinny both times I gave blood, I had to walk outside and get fresh air before I paid for my first tattoo and actually had to take a break while getting my second one because I was getting all sweaty and clammy and the artist wanted to take precaution to keep me from passing out/puking on his floor … even some shots have had adverse effects on my physical stability.  And not to keep drawing this section out, but when I was in 9th grade and we were watching a video in health class about the dangers of drug use, I had to run to the restroom after the heroine scene and tossed my cookies all over the wall …

So I don’t really have a great track record, but I do have a good bit of pride … just enough to have not warned Ali that I absolutely despise needles and all needle related activities when she had to draw 3 vials of my blood … actually, that’s not entirely true.  After I watched the needle go in (mistake number one) we started having a conversation about church and about her husband and my friend, Bryan (all good or neutral things) … and it wasn’t 15 seconds into that conversation that I began feeling the effects.  My head got light feeling, but I thought that I could tough it out.  Then tunnel vision hit and the tunnel was closing fast!  I decided to casually let Ali know that I don’t usually do well very with needles … and the next thing I knew I was waking up to concerned nurses.

I think that I scared Ali half to death and actually asked one of the other nurses if I’d scared her away … which I’m fairly certain that I had.  It would have scared me away!  The worst part about it was that I still had to finish giving the 3rd vial of blood.  Once we got back to that part, I decided (or was told) to lay down … just in case.

There’s no real significance to this story … it’s just a story, but I hope that you enjoyed it!


~ by Will Norman on December 20, 2008.

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