I’m sitting with my friend Tommy in a little cafe in Cabbagetown on Valentine’s Day.  I’ve never really spent any time here before, but I kind of like how small & snug it is.  Cabbagetown has character.  The people here dress funny and I like it.  The houses are close together and the streets are narrow … narrower still because of the fact that everyone parks on the curbs.  In a lot of ways it is not the ideal place to live, but for some reason I am kind of getting sucked in … which is crazy considering I’ve only been here for 10 minutes.  But what are you gonna do.

Right now I live in a small apartment in Buckhead that is right next door to my church/work.  It’s cheap and it gets the job done … I even like a lot of the people that live around me … but generally I would say that I am bored there. Buckhead is nice like platinum flatware … “yea it’s expensive and shiny, but who really cares?  Its just flatware.”

My friend Tommy is good at convincing me that I should just do what I want … ya know … whatever will make me happy.  And I’ve thought about it a lot.  I’ve thought about moving out of Buckhead … I’ve thought about investing in all of the equipment necessary for brewing beer and looking into getting a small business loan to start up my own brew pub.  But I’ve never done any of it.  Call it a sense of vocational calling, or just call it fear … it is what it is.

Its easy enough to say that right now is not the best time to be taking risks like those.  Better to keep my job, save money, and hope that conditions are friendlier a few years from now.  But the truth is, I don’t know if I would be willing to take any of those risks in a healthy economy either.  I think that I’m just not a risk taker … I want to be … but I’m generally not.

What’s funny is, I’m actually happy with my job … I think that I’m pretty ok at it.  And what if ministry in the church is really my calling … like I’ve always thought that it was?  Maybe my “fear,” in this context, is actually faithfulness to what I believe to be God’s call on my life … is that even possible?

At this point, it seems a little bit like I’ve gotten off track.  But to tie it all back around, it’s not that much of a stretch to think that I could live outside of walking distance from my office.  I mean, some people commute across state lines or through the sky.  Surely I can get out of Buckhead and still faithfully serve my call (if that is what I’m doing right now) … I think that I will … and i think that I will brew beer on the weekends in my friend’s basement.  Maybe both will work out … even co-exist!

Here’s hoping!

~ by Will Norman on May 16, 2009.

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