And God Said “Let There Be Dancing!”

superbadI have pretty much always hated dancing … with the exception of my early childhood when I can vaguely remember dancing in the sandbox and thinking that I was awesome.  But somewhere … at some point, I grew into inhibitions … into awareness that other people see and make judgments upon my life.

And the dancing stopped.

“If only I were good at it, and could spin around on my head, or do splits, or the robot, or something … but I’m not good at it, and so I will stand over at the bar, or sit at the table, and watch.”

I just finished reading Donald Miller’s new book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years,” and towards the end of the book he tells a story of a man who, in an effort to combat the otherwise boring demeanor of New Years Day, started a New Years Day Parade in his neighborhood.  And there was one rule.  No one was allowed to watch the parade … the only way that people could benefit from the line of people marching in costumes with balloons was to become one of them … to participate.

And as I read those words, I thought about my crippling fear of dancing, and how, if at all possible, I will avoid having to participate when my friends go out and dance, even though they seem to have a really great time.  And I thought about Karaoke … which also causes me to become physically uncomfortable, but other people seems to enjoy immensely.

And I’ve wondered this before, but the thought came back to me: “what would happen if I didn’t allow myself to watch the parade?”  What if I was always in?  Would my life’s story be better?  Would I bring more joy to the table … for myself and for the rest of the world?

What if that mantra transcended dancing and singing and moved into serving the sick, poor, and marginalized of the world, even when it would make me physically uncomfortable?

My sense is nobody really cares if I can spin on my head and do the robot … they care whether or not I am willing to enter into life with them.  And I truly believe that this would bring my Creator joy!

~ by Will Norman on October 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “And God Said “Let There Be Dancing!””

  1. Actually, I would care if you could spin on your head and do the robot. It would be really fun to watch! I do really love your thoughts on serving the marginalized. This is something that has been very much on my heart lately. I just read something by Steve Hayner that I think you will enjoy.


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